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product arrow Rhymebus RM5G - 4020 15KW 380Volt


•  Low noise
•  High torque
•  Automatic voltage regulation
•  User friendly
•  Restart after instantaneous power interruption
•  9 levels for speed setting
•  6 digits display
•  Programmable inputs and outputs
•  Store and copy settings by using KP-201C digital keypad
•  Connect to the external indicators for displaying the status of inverter
•  Energy saving
•  RM5G series apply to the constant torque loaded; RM5P series apply to the variable torque loaded


•  RM5G-400V Series:Power source 3PH 380~480V
•  Rated power of the motor(PH/HP/KW):3PH/10/7.5 ~ 3PH/700/500



Machine tool, Textile , fiber machinery Chemical machinery, Food , Tobacco & Liquor, pharmacy processing machinery,Wooden machinery, Automatic Transportation Equipment, Fan , pumps, Plastic processing machinery, Metal processing equipment