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Inverter Rhymebus Pump

· Pump is mainly applied in the air condition, wastewatr 
treatment, heating system and pressurized device.
· PUMP takes 20% of global power consumption.
· Pump system driven by converter can save 30~50% of energy.
* Source:Grundfos

1.   The traditional pump employs the commercial power (constant frequency)to drive the motor, and uses the throttle to adjust the required output flow rate or pressure. This method causes the waste of electric energy.
2.   The pump with inverter can change input power frequency for ACmotor, and simulta neously adjust the revolution speed of motor to substitute the throttle to adjust the required output flow rate or pressure.
* Source:VSDs for electric motor systems
Energy Saving application of inverter - PUMP
Actual Case

Inverter Rhymebus Rubber & Plastic Prosessing Machinery


Plastics injection machine, hollow forming machine, press casting machine, hydraulic machine, squeezing machine, crushing machine, extrusion machine, forming machine, sealing machine, film blowing machine, bag blowing machine, bag weaving machine, hydraulic press machine etc.

Basic principle
  The energy consumption of injection machine is divided into 4 parts:
Main power equipment % of Power consumption Energy-saving 
by inverter
Power consumption for 
oil pump of hydraulic system
75 - 80 %
Power consumption of 
heating system
10 - 15 %
Power consumption of 
cooling water pump
5 - 10 %
Power consumption of 
other signal controller
1 - 5 %

A hydraulic pump uses over 75% of total power consumption. Although the amount 
of oil applied by a hydraulic pump is fixed, the demand of the oil during the injection 
process is varied. By stallingthe inverter technology, the power consumption can 
be obviously reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved.

Inverter Advantages

Save up to 25-65% of total power consumption. Improve the production efficiency. Accelerate the investment return.


Reduce the starting current of a motor. Scenario can be seeing significantly when 
a power generator is used.


The hydraulic oil temperature obviously drops 5°C-15°C to extend the lifetime 
of oil seal, and also to reduce the consumption of cooling water.


Smooth start to reduce the hydraulic pressure impact. Effectively reduce noise 
and equipment failure rate.


Shorten the production cycle and increase the productivity under specific molding conditions.


After installing the inverter, the operational process is as same as before.

Injection Procedure

Actually, the pressure, flow rate of injection
machine is varied at lock mold, injecting,
cooling, open mold, pin inject, and clearing. During time of mold open , cooling and clear, inverter could lower the RPM of oil pump, eliminate oil overflow and the temperature of hydraulic oil also can be reduced at the same time.


Seminar for energy-saving in rubber and 
plastic injecting machine by inverter


Save the power output generated by one Kuguan Reservoir per year


There are 50000 injection machines in Taiwan. If Rhymebus's inverters are installed on them, the power (0.5 billion kWH/year) generated by Guguan Reservoir can be saved and 314000-ton carbon dioxide can be reduced according to 33% energy-
saving rate.